Stronger Businesses for Stronger Rural Communities

The Rural Financial Counselling Service is a dedicated team of staff who are here to support primary producers and rural small business operators. Our team of professionals work with our clients to make a positive and impactful difference in their lives and businesses.

Our service is free of charge and offers clients a trusted hand up in the most challenging of situations. A committed partnership with a focus towards a brighter future.

We will provide you with


Our team will be confidential with all of your business matters.


Our team will respect your position and your choices.


Our team will provide non-judgmental support and assistance with an understanding for your situation.


Our team is committed to empowering you with the knowledge to strengthen your business for a better future.


Rural Financial Counselling Service began during the 1980’s – a period of drought and crippling interest rates.

In 2006 a number of the services across Central and Western NSW combined to form the RFCSCR covering over 50% of the State – from the Blue Mountains to the back of Bourke.

Did you know that there are approximately 6,330 farms throughout our region, with agricultural land making up 85% of the country?  Our rural small businesses number almost 32,000 with over 11,000 of those directly related to primary production.

Our region packs a pretty mean punch – productively speaking of course.

RFCSCR is a proud supporter of primary producers and rural small businesses across our 400,000 sq km landscape.

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