Rural Financial Counsellors Supporting Farmers to Access Financial Assistance from NSW Government​

The Barbers are from the Central West of NSW and are broadacre cropping and livestock operators. They’ve been in the business of farming for generations and the most recent drought hit them hard, as it did so many.

They reached out to their local Rural Financial Counsellor who helped them assess the various assistance programs available, and work out which one was best suited to their operation.

Here you’ll meet Luke and Ada and their family as they walk us through the process of applying for, and receiving a Drought Assistance Fund loan with the help of their Counsellor.

Using Drought Support and Financial Assistance to Help Your Farm Business

Meet James, a cropping and livestock farmer from Nyngan. James had experienced severe drought over the past couple of years, but was able to enlist the help of the Rural Financial Counsellor in his region to gain assistance from the NSW Government’s RAA program.

Here you’ll see how he utilised the funds to improve access to clean water for his stock in a remote paddock. He really values the support and understanding that the RFCS Central Region has to offer – their Counsellors know the business of farming and the unique challenges that farmers face.

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