Succession and Transition Planning

Looking to retire, sell or transfer your business to the next generation?

Our Rural Financial Counselling and Small Business Coaching team are here to assist you in navigating the process of succession planning.

We will help you to consider options available to you and guide you through managing and implementing your succession and transition planning from start to finish.  

Our Rural Financial Counsellors and Business Coaches can assist with gathering all the necessary documents, attending relevant meetings and facilitating those difficult conversations you may need to have, to develop your succession and transition plan.



We can help pinpoint your succession or business transition needs


We can assist you to review your various options related to the future of your business.  What are they, who is involved


We can support you during those difficult conversions


We can identify potential discussion you need to have with advisors & provide referrals where necessary


We can help you set goals, strategies and time frames for transition or succession

Next Step

We can refer you to information access points you may need to move forward

Results for your business

Our Rural Financial Counsellors and Business Coaches  know that the process of succession planning and transition can be complex.  We are here to ensure you and your family achieve the best possible outcome, while maintaining the balance of relationships.

Our team provides a free, expert service, to help you navigate the steps involved in succession and business transition planning.  

Knowing you have options to consider and someone to guide you is all the confidence you may need to develop and manage your plan into the future.

Contact us today if you want high quality free, impartial & confidential assistance.

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