Farm Business Counselling

Ever wished you had a genie in your back pockeT?

Our Rural Financial Counsellors are here to champion you to understand the financial health of your business. We can help you to assess the risks and barriers that may arise as well as the opportunities for business success. 

Your Rural Financial Counsellor will assist you to review your enterprises financials, set realistic goals and keep you on track towards achieving financial stability. 

Rural Financial Counsellors understand that your farm is your way of life for you and your family’s future. 

How Do We Do This?


We help review your financial situation, from all aspects of your business


We identify obstacles to your success and how to overcome them


We can assist you to develop a Business Plan focused on growth, or transition


We provide business coaching and guidance on cash flow, budgeting & forecasting


We can help you develop relationships that support your business.

Results for your business

Our team of Rural Financial Counsellors are here for you no matter your circumstances. 

We have the industry resources to help strengthen your business, start a new business venture, look towards succession planning or retirement, whilst navigating all aspects of rural finance.

Contact us today if you want high quality free, impartial & confidential assistance.

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