If you are a primary producer or rural small business owner struggling with unmanageable debts or loan repayments, it’s important to act quickly to take control of the situation. 

The first step towards this is to ask our team for help. 

Our Rural Financial Counsellors and Business Coaches offer free, independent and confidential services to discuss your situation and help you get back on track. 

We can help you gain the skills and confidence you need to renegotiate your debt, talk to your creditors, understand bankruptcy options or enter a mediation designed to reach a fair solution for your business.

Business Debt Mediation

If your business is in debt to an unmanageable level, our team can help. 

We will assist you to apply for government benefits or emergency assistance, help you decide if a debt agreement is the best option for you or explain how bankruptcy could affect you and your business. 

Our team can help you understand that although insolvency options can provide relief if you are unable to repay your debts, there are consequences which may affect you. Being aware of these consequences can help you decide if this is the best option for you.

There are four formal options available to you under the Bankruptcy Act 1966, each having serious consequences.

  1. Temporary Debt Protection – this option provides you with a six month protection period from being pursued by unsecured creditors while you seek help and decide how to proceed
  2. Bankruptcy – last for 3 years and at the end of this period you are released from most of your debts 
  3. Debt Arrangements – These are binding agreements between you and your creditor to pay a sum you can afford
  4. Personal Insolvency Agreements – These are agreements between you and your creditors to pay an agreed amount in instalments or lump sum.  

To help understand the consequences of unmanaged business debt or insolvency and how these may impact you, you can speak to a Rural Financial Counsellor or Small Business Coach.

Farm Debt Mediation

Farm Debt Mediation (FDM) is a legislated negotiation process that is covered by the Farm Debt Mediation Act (1994). 

It involves a structured negotiation between the farm owner/s and the creditor/s that is overseen by an independent mediator. 

During Farm Debt Mediation the parties try to work towards a fair and equitable resolution of any farm debt disputes.

The opportunity for a farm business to mediate is a legal obligation before a creditor can take possession of property, equipment, stock or anything else covered by the mortgage.

Our Rural Financial Counsellors can help you to navigate the requirements of the mediation process and assist you to meet your obligations on time. They can also explain the process to you and make sure that you are equipped with all the resources and information that you need. 

From start to finish your Rural Financial Counsellor will be there for support, improving outcomes towards reaching an equitable solution with your lender. 

Even after the mediation is finished, your Counsellor will continue to provide you with the support needed to meet the terms of your agreement and maintain perspective through challenging times.



The debt mediation processes and what is expected of both parties


Helping you understand debt legislation and your rights 


Get you prepared for meetings and organising documentation


Working with you and your lender towards achieving an agreed outcome


Through post determination of financial agreements or mediation terms


Our expertise in understanding business debt options and debt mediation could relieve your financial distress and enable you and your business to move forward with confidence.

Contact us today if you want high quality free, impartial & confidential assistance.

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